How much is application fee?

Application fee is a non-refundable Twenty Thousand Rwandan Francs (Frw 30,000) for nationals (Rwandan applicants) and Fifty US Dollars ($50) for the international applicants. The fees are subject to revision from time to time, based on fluctuations of the national currency.

What do I need to apply?

Applicants are required to have a recognized degree offered by institution of higher learning in order to qualify for admission in masters programme. Also detailed list of required application documents is found on AUCA website (

How do I apply?

Apply to the office of the Registrar or directly to the department (Office of the Director of Graduate Studies). Take note of the list of requirements provided on the department website.

When can I expect a response regarding admission?

Admission can take maximum one week to be ready, upon receiving complete application file.

Who is eligible for AUCA’s Master of Science in Big Data Analytics?

  1. To be admitted to a Master of Science in Big Data Analytics degree at AUCA, an applicant is required to have a recognized degree in Computer Sciences, with at least a cumulative GPA of 2.4 on a 4 points scale or on 12/20 at undergraduate level offered by an accredited institution of higher learning in order to qualify for admission.
  2. Applicants from IT related studies, Mathematics, Statistics, Education with IT Major and Economics will be admitted upon completion of prerequisites if any. 
  3. Applicants with foreign academic qualifications shall obtain an equivalence of their degree certificates from Rwanda High Education Council.

Can I transfer credits from another university?

An applicant can be accepted on transfer basis by transferring a maximum of 50% credits from accredited university offering MSc in Big Data Analytics, if those courses are equivalent to courses offered by AUCA.

What is required of international applicants?

International applicants will be required to fulfill the aforementioned requirements and obtain a student visa from the Government of Rwanda as well as the equivalence of the Bachelor’s Degree from High Education Council (HEC) in Rwanda.

Does a prior registration to a module really matter?

Students are required to register for module/ course/module prior to attending classes. Any module/course studied without having registered to it will automatically be subject to the repeat.

Can a student suspend studies anytime?

No student shall be allowed to suspend studies after one month of effective start of a semester, except under special circumstances. Permission to suspend studies shall be considered after producing satisfactory evidences of the reason for suspension. Besides, the suspension after one month of commencement of the semester will not be bound to one’s funds refund. 

Prerequisite Requirements/Remedial Modules to be taken at Undergraduate

The following undergraduate modules or the equivalent are the prerequisites/ remedial modules to the MBA programmes:

  • Financial Management                              15 credits
  • Principles of Accounting I                           15 credits
  • Principles of Management                         15 credits
  • Microeconomics                                          15 credits

 For Masters of Arts in Education the following are the prerequisite modules:

  • Foundation of School Administration         15 credits
  • Principles of Teaching                                  15 credits
  • Educational Psychology                                   10 credits
  • Foundations and Curriculum Development     15 credits
  • Descriptive Statistics                                      15 credits

For M.Sc. Big Data Analytics, none of the above should be applicable, this is based on the fact that the admission criteria says that to be admitted for MSc. Big Data Analytics, an applicant should have studied IT related programs at undergraduate level.