At Adventist University of Central Africa (AUCA), the curriculum of the Faculty of Theology is aiming at fulfilling of the Seventh-day Adventist International Board of Ministerial and Theological education in providing professional training to pastors, evangelists, theologians, teachers of Bible and religion and other denominational employees involved in ministerial and religious formation. The University has therefore introduced the concepts of general, core (professional), and concentration courses. The introduction of general, core, and concentration courses is designed according to the IBMTE and the East Central Africa Division.

Exist award profile.

Competencies for bachelor’s degree: The holder of this degree will have following competencies: Preaching, leadership, evangelist, counselor, administrator, teaching Bible and researcher.

Competencies for Diploma in Higher Education in Theology:  Preaching, evangelism, leading churches.



The department strives to achieve the following:

  1. To provide theological knowledge that is both culturally and contextually grounded in the Christian African reality.
  2. To equip students with practical skills through practicum, evangelistic and outreach activities.
  3. To expose students to the study of Scripture through accepted exegetical methods, with emphasis on interpreting the text within the context of history and biblical languages.
  4. To prepare students to be able to teach Christian Religious Education in Secondary Schools.
  5. To prepare students for post-graduate studies and advanced research.


Structure and Degree Requirements for Graduation

In order for AUCA student to graduate with the degree of Bachelor of Theology he/she should complete the requirements as outlined in the above table and as described below.

General Education Courses

For the general education courses, check in the section of general education requirements for details.

Core (Professional) Courses:

For the core (professional courses), check in the section (below) of core/professional courses in the Faculty of Theology.

The Bachelor of Theology is made of the following Majors:



The Bachelor of Theology is made of the following subdivisions:

General Education                                                                                       80

Pass Courses                                                                                                 20

Core (Professional) Courses in Theology                                                   380

TOTAL OF CREDITS                                                                                         480