The number of trained, qualified professional and technical business workers and practitioners in the industries and institutions of learning remains a profound challenge in Rwandan industries, the Church, the public and private sectors. Although training sessions are conducted within the country to strengthen capacity, the investment expansion in the industries and the Church institutions proved that the number of needed workers remains insufficient. It is from this observation that the AUCA- MBA curriculum aims at fulfilling the aspirations and expectations of the Rwandans, the Church and the labor market. The concentrations/majors are structured based on the labour market needs, demand and the constraints within the Church.

The masters of Business Administration has following options:

  • Master’s Degree of Business with Option in Accounting
  • Master’s Degree of Business with Option in Finance
  • Master’s Degree of Business with Option in Human Resource Management
  • Master’s Degree of Business with Option in Management
  • Master’s Degree of Business with Option in Project Management

In progress AUCA has submitted new specialization programs to regulatory bodies (Rwanda High Education Council- HEC and Adventist Accreditation Association- AAA) once approved they will be run.

The MBA curriculum was designed in comparison with international school/faculty of Business Administration degree program requirements within and outside the region. Also, the standards and bulletins of the Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Universities around the world were consulted as guidelines in designing the Module /module. AUCA’s Masters of Business Administration has foundational Module s/modules, core requirement Module s/modules taken by everyone enrolled for MBA regardless of the major areas), option Module s/modules, and thesis writing. The student has the academic freedom of taking more than one major, but it is not compulsory.

4.2  Goals for MBA Programs

The Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is designed to respond to the demand of the Church, Private Sector and the government of the Republic of Rwanda. Currently, qualified workers within the Church are in short supply and the labor market is constantly seeking for higher degrees among potential recruits. Thus, the program of MBA is envisaged to primarily produce competent qualified workers within the Church and outside the Church organization. Upon graduation, the graduates will be qualified candidates for self-employment and employees both within the Church institutions and the labor market worldwide. Furthermore, the graduates will be capable of managing corporate businesses, handle administrative and supervision roles or duties and actively participate in the Rwanda and East Africa Community market. In addition, the degree is a stepping stone in pursuing further studies in the respective subject area of specializations and or subsequently feeding other PhD programs.

4.3  General Objectives

The main objectives of programs are to enable students to acquire Christian cutting- edge education relevant to the business environment, inculcate professional ethical competencies required for effective business management in a corrupt world, and to initiate and undertake reforms and innovations in the practice of productive corporate investments/management. The program is basically for graduate students with the purpose of touching the learner’s social, economic, political, cultural, and spiritual dimensions of life.

Generally, the Master’s degree of Business Administration seeks:

  • To contribute to the Rwandan Government goals that seek to eliminate ignorance and poverty in the society by preparing efficient, effective, ethical, professional and committed managers who will enhance the development of organizations and the nation;
  • To enhance and strengthen the human capacity towards contributing to the development of human capital for Rwanda envisioned knowledge economy;
  • To develop competent and professional God-fearing managers, administrators, leaders, and teachers to serve effectively in public, private and the Seventh-day Adventist institutions in and outside Rwanda;
  • To instill in graduate students the love for their fellow human beings: educated or uneducated by being to them moral and spiritual models and peace makers, in service to God and humanity for the joy of service now and in the world to come;
  • To ensure that each student masters and displays skills and knowledge in the conduct of research, consultancy and business Hence, provides career opportunities for graduates of AUCA MBA program to seek further education or development in their areas of specialization.
  • To instill in graduate the zeal for servant-hood in the discharge of duty to man and God while eradicating social discrimination anchored on human social and economic parameters.