Major: Accounting
Minor: Information Technology

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The specialized degree of Education in Accounting and Information Technology offers the students an opportunity to learn Accounting theory and concepts that are global and can fit the 21st Century Organization. This programme ensures that the student is able to fit into today’s dynamic and ever changing business world. The programme lays a strong foundation teaching skills of business studies in High Schools. The holders of Education with Accounting are expected to work in both public and private sectors including being able to comfortable handle and teach in secondary level schools.


The Bachelor’s degree in Education with Accounting curriculum is designed to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To enable students understand the nature of accounting as a discipline and how accounting can be used to enhance sustainable development of their economy.
  2. To offer advanced employable skills that can be used in both the public and private sector industry
  3. To enable the students get the necessary knowledge that would enable them fit in the accounting world.
  4. To prepare the students to take up on the professional course in Accounting and graduate studies.
  5. The course also aims at equipping students with research and technical analytical skills essential for their own development and also the development of the economy at large.

Structure and Requirements for Graduation

In order for AUCA student to graduate with the degree of Bachelor of Arts (Business) with Education, he/ she should complete the requirements as outlined in the above table and as described below.

General Education Courses

For the general education courses, check the section of general education requirements for more details.

Core (Professional) Courses

For the core (professional courses) in education, check the section of core (professional) requirements for more details.

Major and Minor in Accounting

For the Major (concentration) or Minor in Accounting, check the following table:

General Education Courses:  36 Credits

Course Code Name of the Course Credits
ENGL 100 English Level 0
FREN 100 French Level 0
MATH 100 Math Level 0
INSY 100 Keyboarding 0
ACCT 111 Principles of Accounting I 3
*ECON 112 Introduction to Economics 2
**PSYC 112 Introduction to Psychology 2
***EDPC 215 Human Developmental Psychology 3*
EDRE 113 Study and Research Methods 2
ENGL 114 English I: English Language and Grammar 2
FREN 115 French I 2
RELB 116 Introduction to Bible Study 2
STAT 121 Descriptive Statistics 3
ENGL 122 English II: Writing Skills 2
FREN 123 French II 2
INSY 124 Micro Computer Application 3
RELT 125 Bible Doctrines 3
ENGL 211 English III: Communication Skills 2
FREN 212 French III 2
HELT 213 Health Principles 2
RELT 221 Philosophy, Science and Religion 2
TOTAL            36

* is not taken by students of Business Administration.

                ** is only taken by students of Business Administration and students of Theology

                *** is only taken by students of Theology

List of Core (professional) Courses of the Faculty of Education

Course                 Code Course Title Credit
EDTE 223 Introduction of the Teaching Profession 2
EDTE 222 Instructional Technology 2
EDTE 312 Foundations and Principles of Curriculum 2
EDTE 311 Classroom Testing, Measurement,  and Evaluation 2
EDRE 323 Educational Research Methods 3
EDTE 224 Principles of Teaching 2
EDTE 422 Teaching Practice 3
EDPC 215 Human Developmental Psychology 3
EDPC 126 Educational Psychology 2
STAT 216 Inferential Statistics in Education 3
EDAD 214 Pedagogy and History of Education 2
EDAD 322 Sociology of Education 2
EDAD 413 Comparative Education 2
EDAD 321 Foundation of School Administration 2
EDAD 411 Educational Planning 2
EDAD 412 Economics of Education 2
EDAD 117 Philosophy of Education 2
EDAD 318 Entrepreneurship & Project Management 3
EDTE 423 Curriculum Development 2
Total     43


List of Major Courses in Accounting

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List of Minor courses in IT for Accounting Major students

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