Mr. Ishimwe M. Prince, MSc

Head of Department

The rationale of the Department

Software Engineering is a field that is more concerned with:  The design, development, testing, and maintenance of software applications. This department teaches our students how to apply engineering principals and knowledge of programming languages to build software solution for end users.


The Competencies and Exit Profile

  • Behaviors and Attitude: The behavior and attitude of student in Software Engineering department come from the AUCA belief and values they learned during their learning period, through integration of faith in learning. The belief and values are :
    • Faith
    • Love
    • Integrity
    • Respect
    • Compassion and Care
    • Fairness and Justice
    • Excellence
  • Knowledge
    • Know how to write and Speak English language
    • Know how to design and maintain software systems
    • Know how to evaluate and test new software programs
    • Know how to optimize software for speed and scalability
    • Understand how to write and test code
    • Know how to consult with clients, engineers, security specialist, and other stakeholders
    • Know how to present new features to stakeholders and internal customers


  • Skills
    • In Software Elaboration Phase, they have the ability to :
      • Research business problems
      • Decide on the expected business value
      • Draft nonfunctional requirements
      • Prepare functional requirements
      • Formulate the main backlog
      • Deliverable: Documented Business Requirements
    • In Software Solution Design Phase , They have the ability to :
      • Story mapping
      • Establish acceptance criteria
      • Prioritize backlog items
      • Deliverable : Documented Backlog


  • In Software Development Phase, they have the ability to :
    • Setup preparation activities
    • Track development process
    • Deliverable: A released business software product
  • In Software Maintenance Phase, they have the ability to :
    • Gather and process feedback from customer and users
    • Formulate the next backlog
    • Deliverable: A maintained and improved business software product