The curriculum of the Faculty of Education at the Adventist University of Central Africa (AUCA) aims at fulfilling the requirements of the Seventh-day Adventist Church teachers’ certification and the Rwandan Ministry of Education requirements of teaching in the Secondary Schools. On this note, the University has introduced the concepts of general, core (professional), and concentrations courses. Concentrations courses are those major or secondary school teaching subjects that students in the Faculty of Education would specialize in. The introduction of general, core (professional), and concentration courses is designed in comparison with other international standards of the Faculty of Education degree program requirements and those of the SDA Universities around the world.


The Faculty of Education subscribes to the philosophy that man was created in the image of God but as a result of willful disobedience, sin has marred his God given attributes and divine likeness. This philosophy recognizes that the objective of Education is also that of redemption, which is “to restore in man the image of his maker and bring him back to the perfection in which he was created” (White, 1952. p. 11). Therefore the work of redemption is the work of Education, which involves the development of the whole person physically, mentally, spiritually and socially.


The mission of the Faculty of Education at AUCA is to prepare professional secondary school teachers and educational administrators who can function effectively in a culturally pluralistic society and who are dedicated to assist individuals in reaching their potentials in the service to God and humanity


The Faculty of Education at AUCA envisions to persistently prepare students who after acquiring true education—the harmonious development of the physical, intellectual, social and spiritual dimension that AUCA inculcates in them—will stand out as dynamic instruments for delivery of quality Christian service to the society.


The objectives of the faculty of Education are:

  1. Develop competent and professional God fearing teachers and school administrators to serve effectively in public, private and the Seventh-day Adventist Schools in and outside the Republic of Rwanda,
  2. To provide opportunities for graduates to seek further Education in their areas of specialization.
  3. To instill in students the love for their fellow human beings whether educated or non educated by being to them exemplary moral and spiritual models and apostles of peace in service to God and humanity.

The student who graduates with a Bachelor degree of Education will have two teaching subjects, one as a major and another one as a minor or both as majors. The Bachelor of Education has the following concentration (majors or teaching subjects) areas: Accounting and Information Technology; Educational Psychology and Religion; Economics and Math; English and French; Educational Psychology and Geography; Geography and History.


  • Bachelor of Education in English (Major) and French Literature (Minor)
  • Bachelor of Education in French (Major) and English Literature (Minor)
  • Bachelor of Education in Educational Psychology (Major) and Religion (Minor)
  • Bachelor of Education in Religion (Major) and Educational Psychology (Minor)
  • Bachelor of Education in Accounting (Major) and Information Technology (Minor)
  • Bachelor of Education in Economics (Major) and Mathematics (Minor)
  • Bachelor of Education in Information Technology (Major) and Accounting (Minor)
  • Bachelor of Education in Geography (Major) and History (Minor)
  • Bachelor of Education in History (Major) and Geography (Minor)
  • Bachelor of Education in Mathematics (Major) and Economics (Minor)

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