We welcome all students to the January intake (Semester two of the academic year 2023/2024) at Adventist University of Central Africa. Classes start on 21st January 2024. The university calendar for the academic year 2023-2024 is accessible here  

  1. All AUCA students are requested to check courses to be studied for the January intake from 14th December 2023. Kindly confirm with us if allocated courses are correct and check the tuition fees in order to inform your sponsor or parent.
  2. This is to remind you the registration calendar as follows:
    • From 8th to 12th January 2024: Placement test and Orientation for new students
    • From 14th to 19th January, 2024: Registration
    • 21st January, 2024: Start of Classes
    • From 21st to 26th January: Modification.
    • 8th February, 2024: Deadline to submit registration forms.
  3. Student who will not submit registration forms by 8th February, 2024 will pay late submission fee.
  4. Payment shall be done via URUBUTO Pay, Dial *775*2# AUCA Code is TH61132546 then follow instructions.

Click Here to Connect to AUCA Online Registration Software

If you are outside of  AUCA  Click here

Registration Process: How to register?

Step 1: Login and check your registration

Step 2: Print summary (Registration form) in 3 copies

Step 3: Pay the tuition fee or contact Business Office for financial facilitation.

Step 4: Have registration forms (3) stamped by your faculty

Step 5: Submit registration forms 3 copies to finance office

Step 6: Read registration guide

N.B: For any clarification, please visit the office of the registrar or call on 0724796998.