AUCA is a Seventh-day Adventist institution of higher learning that nurtures the mental, spiritual, social and physical capacities of its personnel and students. The values of the university are rooted in the Bible and should be seen in the daily activities of the university administrators, workers and students.

Through a process of discernment based on dialogue and reflection, the university designates the following as core beliefs and values of AUCA:

  • Love: Informed by the example of Jesus Christ, and by the fundamental beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, AUCA demonstrates a spirit of unity and connectedness with one another through expression, courtesy, hospitality, shared values ad loving communication without respect to ethnic, gender or other differences. AUCA extends this value of community by reaching out to neighbors and to members of the lager civil and ecclesial communities.
  • Faith: AUCA is a faith-based institution of higher learning. The faith nurtured in the institution is rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ and in the 28 beliefs of the Sevenths-day Adventist Church. While other religious traditions and individual beliefs of our personnel and students are respected, the university administration and faculties are expected to integrate a biblical, Seventh-day Adventist faith into learning activities of the students.
  • Excellence: As a faith-based institution of higher learning, AUCA seeks to combine faith with reason in the pursuit of academic excellence. AUCA Senate and Administration call all members of the university community to excel as individuals and as professionals within their respective roles.
  • Integrity: Concerned for the good of the community in this life and life to come, the university commits itself to honesty in all relations with students, faculty, staff and administration. Through the university integrity, workers and students maintain the trust of the surrounding community, public and governmental agencies.
  • Respect: AUCA values and respects the contribution of each member of the university community to the advancement of the mission of AUCA. AUCA encourages and supports each other as colleague working together for the good of the whole institution.
  • Compassion & Care: Inspired by the example of Jesus Christ, AUCA opens its workers and students’ hearts to those in physical, spiritual and mental need. AUCA consciously reaches out beyond its boundaries to serve others in need with compassion and mercy.
  • Fairness and Justice: Recognizing the dignity of all persons (students, staff, teachers and administrators) AUCA seeks to avoid any acts of injustice toward each other and addresses instances of injustice both within and outside of the university community from a stance of informed advocacy. AUCA holds each other accountable and endeavors to practice responsible stewardship of the resources available to us.