Summary of Modules

General Education                                                                            80

Core (Professional) Modules in Business Administration             280

Major (Concentration)                                                                    120

TOTAL OF CREDITS                                                                            480


Structure and Degree Requirements for Graduation

In order for AUCA student to graduate with the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration (Major: Management), he/she should complete the requirements as outlined in the table below and as described.

General Education Modules

For the general education modules, check the section of general education requirements for details.

Core (Professional) Modules

For the core (professional modules) in Business Administration, check the section of core or professional modules.

Major Modules (check in the following Table)

Major Modules in Management

Module Code Module Name Course Credits Module Credits Pre-requisite
MGMT 8215 Legal and Social Environment of Business 3 10 Principles of Management
FNCE 8221 Bank Management and Services 3 10 Microeconomics
MGMT 8222 Organizational Behavior 3 10 Principles of Management
FNCE 8314 Investment Analysis 3 10 Principle of Management and Principles of Accounting II
MGMT 8323 Change and Innovation Management 3 10 Entrepreneurship
MGMT 8325 Project Management 3 10 Legal and Social Environment of Business
MGMT 8326 International Business Management 3 10 Business Law
MGMT 8327 Performance Management 3 10 Organizational Behavior
MGMT 8411 Insurance Institutions Management 3 10 Bank Management
MGMT 8412 Business Organization and Management 3 10 Principles of Management
MGMT 8417 Total Quality Management 3 10 Organizational Behavior
MGMT 8421 Organizational Leadership 3 10 Human Resource Management
Total   36 120