Admission requirements for Master of Science in Big Data Analytics

The following are admission requirements into this program:

Academic Entry Requirements:

  1. To be admitted to a Master of Science in Big Data Analytics degree at AUCA, an applicant is required to have a recognized degree in Computer Sciences, with at least a cumulative GPA of 2.4 on a 4 points scale or on 12/20 at undergraduate level offered by an accredited institution of higher learning in order to qualify for admission.
  2. Applicants from IT related studies, Mathematics, Statistics, Education with IT Major and Economics will be admitted upon completion of prerequisites if any.
  3. Applicants with foreign academic qualifications shall obtain an equivalence of their degree certificates from Rwanda High Education Council.
  4. An applicant can be accepted on transfer basis by transferring a maximum of 50% credits from accredited university offering MSc in Big Data Analytics, if those courses are equivalent to courses offered by AUCA.

Required documents for application:

  1. A well filled in application form
  2. Official receipt of application fee payment (Frws 50,000 for Rwandan applicants and 50 USD for international applicants)
  3. Certified photocopies of college or university diplomas or degree certificates
  4. Two recent passport-size photos
  5. Three letters of recommendation from referees in sealed envelopes
  6. Two certified copies of the official transcript from each college/ university attended (certified by the institution or Commissioner of Oath)
  7. Certified photocopy of secondary school certificate
  8. Updated curriculum vitae (CV) 9.  A proof/copy of health insurance certificate
  9. Essay (Explaining educational goals, career objectives, work experience, awards, and/or extracurricular activities)

BANK INFORMATION: Equity Bank: 4003211197369 (FRWS) Bank of Kigali: 00040 – 00280275 -75 (FRWS) Bank of Kigali: 00040 – 00292172 – 41 (USD) Swift Code: BKIGRWRW   |   IBAN: 40000400029217241003

NOTE: (1) An entry Visa is granted upon arrival at the Kigali International Airport for all citizens from around the world. (2) An international student will need apply for a study visa within two weeks (15 days) upon arrival. To do this, he/she will produce the following documents to the Rwanda’s Immigration Services: a Police Clearance from the home country; a valid passport, a CV and an application letter.

Done on 04 August 2022

Dr. Niyonzima Theogene Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics