General Rules on the Use of the Library

  1. SILENCE is to be observed in the Library all the time. Noncompliance to this is an offence and liable to punishment upon withdrawal of the Library card(s).
  2. Use of A MOBILE PHONE is NOT ALLOWED in the library. Users MUST switch off their mobile phones or set them in a silent tone. Usage of cell phones as well as ringing Cell phones will be confiscated and withdrawal of the Library card.
  3. Library User Card(s) will be withdrawn from any person suspended from the Library until library committee allows him/her to use library again.
  4. Readers must leave their bags, brief cases, paper bags, etc. to the Cloak Room with the Staff at the library entrance who may issue one Card per item left with him/her at no cost. No person will be allowed to collect each other’s properties from the Library Cloak Room.
  5. Users are advised not to keep valuable items in their bags or briefcases.
  6. Wearing of jackets and hats are not allowed in the Library.
  7. Smoking and consumption of food and drinks are forbidden in the Library.
  8. Bottles of Ink may not be brought into the Library.
  9. The reservation of seats in the Library is not permitted. Books and other materials left for any length of time on chairs and tables may be removed by the Library staff. Items left in the Library will be cleared away during the closing time. Removal and or shifting of chairs and tables is not allowed in the Library.
  10. The Library Management accepts NO RESPONSIBILITY for personal belongings left in the Library.
  11. Books picked and consulted from the OPEN shelves should be left on the desk/table after use.
  12. Such books are not taken out of the library without proper charging and discharging procedures by Library Staff on duty. Such books may be carried to the Circulation Section for charging and officially.
  13. An individual or Reader/Borrower is responsible for the Books borrowed by him or her and must therefore return the Books he/she borrowed; no borrower shall return borrowed books on behalf of a friend, unless if the borrower notify the librarian that he/she is not around.
  14. Books taken into the Library must be checked by the Library Security staff at the Library Entrance. No such books will be allowed in the Library without informing the Library security staff who may open for checking.
  15. Reading between the shelves is prohibited because it interferes with the shelving and retrieval processes.

Borrowing Rules and Regulations

  1. Here and elsewhere the term “BOOKS” is deemed to cover all types of Library OR Information materials. With the exception of certain categories below; all books may be borrowed from the Library. A separate Form/card must be filled in for each book borrowed. Completed forms/cards and books must be handed over to the Library Assistants at the issue desk for verifications before the books are taken out of the Library.

Reference Collections Borrowing.

  1. The Library makes every effort to provide timely, accurate information through encyclopedias, atlases, online resources, and other reference materials. Due to their cost and difficulty in replacement, reference books are intended for in-Library use only and do not circulate.
  2. Research Projects/Dissertations and or Theses are regarded as Reference Books (Reference Section). They may be borrowed during working days/hours only for specific hours. These are not taken out of the Library building and must not be photocopied. Borrowing is ONLY allowed for a maximum of 1 (ONE) hour.
  3. The following categories of books may be borrowed with special permission from the University Chief Librarian or Assistant Librarian in his absence:
    • The Special Collections
    • Government Documents
    • Dissertations and Theses
    • Periodicals
    • Rare books/Reference books
    • Works bound in several volumes and pamphlets
    • Archival books
    • Current Newspapers
    • And any other as may be decided upon by the University Chief Librarian.

Rights and Responsibilities of Card Holders. 

  1. The Library card entitles its holder to check out materials as established in the Library’s circulation policy. The borrower remains responsible for the borrowed books as long as the borrowing Form(s)/Card(s) remain uncancelled and/or the borrower has not returned the borrowed book(s) for discharging.
  2. Books borrowed by one reader must not be passed unto another reader but MUST in all cases be formerly returned to the Library and re-issued at the issue counter. If Library materials are returned late or with damage, the Chief Librarian reserves the right to assign fines and/or penalties as outlined in the Library’s Rules and Regulations.
  3. Borrowing/Library cards are completely not interchangeable among Library users. Lost Library User cards should be reported in writing to the Chief Librarian. The replacement of Lost Library User cards shall be done at the cost of 1000RwF.

Borrowing privileges.

  1. Each patron wanting to check items out from the Library must present their Library User card at one of the Circulation Desks for the items they wish to check out. The card presented must belong to the patron in question, and patrons may not impersonate others to circumvent circulation policy as prescribed in the Library Rule and Regulations.
  2. Academic staff of the University may borrow up to 10 (TEN) volumes at a time for the Period of 15 days from the date of issue and only renewable once. The borrowed book may be taken again by the same person after two weeks from the date of renewal. This is with exception of reserved books.
  3. Students of the AUCA may borrow up to 3 (THREE) volumes at a time for the Period of 5 (FIVE) days from the date of issue and only renewable once.
  4. Administrative and the Technical staff of the AUCA may borrow up to 2 (TWO) Volumes at a time for the period of 1 (ONE) week renewable once. An external borrower from Institutions that have correlations with AUCA (those Within Rwanda) may have up to 2 (Two) volumes at any working time for the period of NOT more than 12 hours from the hour and date of issue and non-renewable.

Reserved books borrowing.

  1. Books on reserve as may be specified by the Library staff are for use by Academic (staff) and students following the particular course of study and may not be taken out of the Library.
  2. Reserved Books may be borrowed by students and staff for a maximum period of 2 (Two) hours only or less with special permission from the Library staff at the issue counter.
  3. Students must leave their Original Identity cards behind when borrowing Reserved Books and Dissertations/ Theses.
  4. If a requested book is in use, reservation may be made for the person who needs it.
  5. Borrowers must return this category of books to the Library issue counter before the loan period and must make sure that the loan has been cancelled out on the form. Books in excess of the stipulated numbers may be borrowed only in special circumstances and by permission of the University Chief Librarian or Assistant Librarian.
  6. Such books if in circulation, and are required FOR ANY OTHER SPECIAL PURPOSE, may be recalled at any time regardless of the date of issue.

External Users.

  1. The Library has two categories of Users i.e. External Users (those outside the University) and Internal Borrowers (those within the University). External borrowers may be those from Institutions that have no direct correlations/relationships with AUCA and as well as those from Institutions that have direct correlations/relationships with AUCA.
  2. An external borrower from Institutions that have correlations with AUCA (those within Rwanda) may have up to 2 (Two) volumes at any working time for the period of NOT more than 12 hours from the hour and date of issue and non-renewable.
  3. An External Borrower from Institutions that have no correlations with AUCA (those outside Rwanda) may be required upon registration with the Library, to pay a nonrefundable deposit fee of 12,000Rwf per month. This category will be issued Library External User ID for the period of time registered for.

Reminders for Overdue books.

  1. Only one reminder about the overdue books will be sent to the borrower in case of one day after the overdue date.
  2. In case of failure to return the book (s) in his or her possession, the letter will be written to him/her and a copy will be sent to the Vice Rector Academics and Vice Rector Finance and Administration indicating to him/her the overdue fines to be paid.
  3. No further loans/borrowing of any kind will be made to the Borrower who has books in his possession which he/she has failed to return in response to the recall notice.
  4. Fines for Overdue damaged and lost books. OVERDUE FEE: In the case of STUDENTS, a fine of 300Rwf only is payable on overdue of each book in his/her possession each day until the reader reports that the book is lost.
  5. A STAFF MEMBER who is a Defaulter shall pay a non-refundable reasonable fee of 500Rwf per day from the date of Overdue of each Book.
  6. Noncompliance to this will lead such a person to face the disciplinary committee.
  7. LOST/DAMAGED/DEFACED AND ADMINISTRATIVE FEES: Borrowers and readers will be held responsible for any book in their charge and will be required to pay Current Cost in replacement of the lost, damaged or defaced book and a nonrefundable administrative charge of 5000rwf to cover the cost of ordering, cataloguing, classifying, and related Book processing processes.
  8. A borrower who mutilates or defaces a book will be fined frw5000 per book or be asked to pay the replacement cost and a fine of 5000frw depending on the extent of damage.
  9. The defaulter who is a member of staff who fails to pay the due fines will be dealt with by the Disciplinary Committee who may later forward the case to the Rector for Action.
  10. When the amount of fines levied as prescribed by the Regulations exceeds the costs of replacing the book, including the administrative charge, the borrower will be charged for the book as if it were lost.
  11. Fines and charges will be paid directly to the Specified AUCA University bank Account as may be specified by Business Manager and the payment slips/receipts will be issued for each charge levied by the bank and brought to the Chief Librarian’s office.
  12. Fines and charges will be regarded as debts to AUCA University and in the case of non-payment; the defaulters will be liable to face the Disciplinary Committee and not be cleared during his her departure from AUCA.
  13. If the amount of a fine is in question, the Chief Librarian’s decision shall be final.

Library Equipment/Furniture.

  1. AUCA Library provides a diverse range of equipment and Furniture for use in the Library and others outside the Library. These items include but are not limited to computers (and other Computer peripherals), Printers, tools, Power cables, CDs and DVDs, Chairs, Tables, Counters, Shelves, paper Cutters, book rollers, and other Knowledge or Information related materials referred to as BOOKS as prescribed by Library Rules and Regulations; the usage of the said materials shall be in accordance to the Rule and Regulations hence with.
  2. No person is allowed to carry any furniture outside the Library building. Unnecessary movement of these furniture’s is strictly not allowed as detailed in the Rules and Regulations. However, any need expressed for borrowing furniture must be through the approval of the Chief Librarian or Assistant Librarian in his or her absence.
  3. In the event these materials are granted, the outside party in possession of Library equipment’s is responsible for any damage or destruction to this property while in their care.

Inter-Library Loan.

  1. The Library strives to supply a broad selection of materials that will generally suit the needs of our patrons. If we do not have a particular item, we will attempt to access it either through local and international cooperation with other Libraries, or order it online from another Library. Availability of such items is subject to the holdings of other libraries, as well as their ability and willingness to send materials. This service may not carry any fees.

Accessing E-Library/Library Internet/Computers

  1. The Library has a 24/7 Internet service accessible through Hotspot both within and outside the Library Building. Users who may not have personal laptops can use the available Library Computers to access such Internet and other related academic research service. These are only for the registered Library Users who MUST have Library User Card. These are accessible from the e-Library at Gishushu Campus and Library Computer Lab at the main campus Masoro.
  2. All Library users/patrons who expect to access Library computer services MUST adhere to the Rules or else will be ordered to leave the Library and face the disciplinary Committee for such unbecoming behavior and misconduct.
  3. Upon entry into the e-Library at Gishushu Campus or Library Computer Lab at the main campus Masoro; you must fast register in the Library computer log book. One must register the computer number that he/she wants to use.
  4. Only one Computer is allowed per person at a time. FACE BOOK, TWITTER, GAMES, MUSIC PLAYING, and none academic or research based activities are STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED. Any person found guilty of such will be ordered to leave or else face disciplinary actions.
  5. DO NOT REMOVE OR REPLACE any peripheral device, power cables, Chairs, tables etc. without permission. DO NOT INSTALL OR UNINSTALL any software program(s).
  6. Library computers are strictly for academics and other researches ONLY. One person is allowed to use one computer for a maximum of one and half hours ONLY. No sharing of computers. Booking of a specific computer number ahead of time may be allowed by the staff on duty or Lab Attendant and one must be allowed access to the Computer booked for that time.
  7. All LAPTOPS owners MUST be in one designated place (Laptops Section). No user shall be allowed in the Library with a laptop outside the designated Laptop Section.
  8. No user shall be allowed to plug in his or her peripheral devices.