1. Who is eligible to access the library?

All present members of University, Former students, Community members may use it for reading and apply for borrowing privileges as External borrowers through CHIEF LIBRARIAN.

  1. How do I contact the library?

Approach Library staff on duty. If you want further assistance you can request to see the Chief Librarian or use e-mail: aucalib12@gmail.com and suggestion box at entrance.

  1. Should I enter with my bag to the library?

No. All bags and jackets are to remain at the baggage section near the entrance.

  1. How can I register for Library User Card to access the library?

After registering for studies, you can register at the Library Reception for Library User Card with one passport photograph.

  1. What can I use the Library User Card for?

Use it when entering the library, accessing Library services and present it when required.

  1. When do I renew my Library User Card?

All Library User Cards are valid for two academic years BUT renewable each semester for two years.

  1. What can I do if I lost my Library User Card?

Write to the Office of Chief Librarian including your details and contacts. You may replace it at a cost of 1000Rwf only.

  1. Should I use a cell phone while in the library? NO.

All ringing cell phones are confiscated and are never returned to owners according to rules.

  1. Can we have a group discuss in the library?

No. Reading or talking between two people and above is not allowed.

  1. Can I steal a book or other materials from the library?

No. No theft of Library materials is allowed. When caught it’s a disciplinary case.

  1. How do I know what’s happening at the library?

Read Library Notice boards, join Library Facebook group and Listserv, visit and ask any Library staff on duty or mail aucalib12@gmail.com for answers to enquiries.

  1. What can I do if I lost, damaged or defaced a library book?

Pay Current Cost in replacement of the lost, damaged or defaced book and a non-refundable administrative charge of 5000Rwf to cover cost of ordering and processing.

  1. How do I get and borrow a book I want from the library?

Use the available catalogs; if familiar, proceed to the shelves or ask a staff on duty then present it to Circulation Section/counter to be served by staff on duty.

  1. What if the book I want is not in AUCA Library and I want it?

Try all the available sources and other related collections. Present your request to staff at the counter who will forward it to office for considerable. Visit other neighboring Institutions because we have Inter-Library loans.

  1. How do I access photocopying and printing from the library?

Pay to the University bank account 1500 for one prepaid credit card or 3000Rwf for two or more. Present payment slips and collect credit card from Cashier’s Office. Photocopy or print for store room near Library work room.

  1. How do I find scholarly e-resources for my assignments?

Visit the University website at: www.auca.ac.rw and check on the tab Library to get e-Books and other e-resources data bases. Also use the CDs and DVSs available in Library.

  1. For how long can I borrow a book?

All books are borrowed for a period of 5days for students with exception of Serials, References, Reserved books and others as may be determined by Chief Librarian.

  1. What is the penalty for delay to return the book and how do I pay it?

Students pay 300Rwf per day and staff pay 500Rwf per day from date of overdue. All payments are made to the University bank account pay slips presented to accounts office and Library.