1. Be a registered Library User
  2. Present Library User Card on entry, borrowing books for home use
  3. Present University Student ID when borrowing books for hourly use, and References (Dissertations) Periodical/Reference Section.
  4. Respect Library Rules and Regulations
  5. Always come to the Library (identify your needs/know what you want)
  6. Use all the Library Resources
  7. Whisper while talking always
  8. Tiptoe while walking always
  9. Use all Library Sections
  10. Use Library PCs only for research/academic works
  11. Pay Library dues
  12. Use suggestion box (for your ideas)
  13. Always ask for what you want


  1. Do not make noise in the Library (or its surroundings).
  2. Do not use cell phones inside the Library
  3. Do not STEAL  (all items are books) from the Library
  4. Do not listen to music while in the Library
  5. Do not sleep (no lodging) inside the Library
  6. Do not talk loudly or walk noisily inside the Library
  7. Do not carry/move any item out (chairs, tables, books, etc.) without permission from Library
  8. Do not carry bags, wear hats inside the Library
  9. Do not remove dictionaries from the pulpits
  10. Do not install or uninstall any software program(s).
  11. Do not remove or plug in your own peripheral devices.