September, 2021 19th September Semester one : Orientation | Registration
  Sep 26th, 2021 Beginning  of Semester One
17th-22nd October,2021 Week of Prayer
Nov 12th -14th, 2021 *Graduation Ceremony*
14th-19th November,2021 Mid-Semester Exams
Nov 15th -18th, 2021 *AAA Accreditation Visit*
Dec 25th , 2021 – Jan 3rd, 2022 *Christmas Break*
24th December,2021 End of Semester One Classes
4th – 7th Jan 2022 Revision Week
9th January,2022 Final Exams Start
21st January,2022 Final Exams End
February 4th, 2022 End of Semester One
25th Jan – 3rd Feb, 2022 Semester one break
February, 2022 6th February, 2022 Semester Two :Orientation and Registration
  Feb  13th , 2022 Beginning  of Semester Two
Feb 1st, 2022 National Hero’s Day
March 13th -18th , 2022 Week of Prayer
April 14th -21st, 2022 Mid-Semester Exams
April 7th – 13th, 2022 Genocide Memorial Week
May 1st , 2022 Labor Day
May 20th , 2022 Semester Two end of classes
22nd -27th  May  2022 Revision Week
May 29th , 2022 Final Exams Start
June 10th, 2022 Final Exams End
June 24th , 2022 End of Semester Two
  12th June – 24th June, 2022 Semester Two Break
July, 2022 June 26th, 2022 Summer :Orientation and Registration
  July 3rd, 2022 Beginning  of Summer Semester
July 1st, 2022 Public holiday – Independence Day
July 4th, 2022 Public holiday – Liberation day
July 5th, 2022 Public holiday – Liberation (in lieu)
July 24th – 29th , 2022 Mid-Semester Exams
August 7th, 2022 Summer Semester end of classes
14th – 19th August 2022 Final exams
August 26th 2022 End of Summer Semester
September, 2022 11th September 2022 New Academic year 2022-2023 Semester One – Orientation and Registration


AUCA’s academic year of is made up of two (2) regular semesters of 15 teaching weeks each and a Summer Semester of 8 teaching weeks. The University observes official public holidays which appear on the Academic Calendar and those which may be announced by the Rwandan Government.